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Ballmatic 1000 Classic pizza dough rounder

The dough rounder Ballmatic 1000 enables any operator to round portions of 20 to 1000 grams dough with a single machine.


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The Ballmatic 1000 Classic pizza dough rounder has been designed to give the possibility to any operator, even those who have never worked in a pizzeria, to round dough portions from 20 to 1000 grams with a single machine, without the need to have to replace parts during work.

The machine is very compact and it can be stored under a table after work.

Available with standard or teflon-coated, non-stick spiral.

Standard spiral is ideal for dough hydration 55 to 60%

Teflon coater spiral is ideal for hydration 61 to 75%


The pizza dough rounder Ballmatic 1000 is able to work dough portions from 40 to 1000 grams

Additional information

Weight 75 kg
Standard Voltage

110V 60HZ single phase / 220V 50 HZ single-phase


0,37 KW

Workable piece of dough

from 20 to 1000 grams


Made in stainless steel AISI 304


NSF Approved - Standard Spiral, Standard Spiral, Teflon non-sticky Spiral

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