Production of pizza dough rounder machines

Ballmatic is a Starpizza brand and is the brainchild of Fabio Caliari.

The company, founded in 2014, is the result of its founder's 20 years' experience in the food sector, particularly in the field of white art.

Today, Starpizza, having specialised in the resale of catering equipment, founds and registers the Ballmatic brand; launching a new production line dedicated exclusively to machinery for cutting and rounding pizza dough and bread.

The first pizza rounding machine, Ballmatic 1000, the company's strong point, started up its production line in 2019 and immediately wanted to conquer the sector, delivering to its customers a product with high performance and at the same time very simple mechanics, facilitating control and maintenance operations, which any technician will be able to carry out.


Our mission is to bring to the world what distinguishes Italy from other countries: FOOD and DESIGN.

Our Values

  • We believe in made in ITALY, in fact all our products and projects are made in Italy by Italian technicians
  • We believe in the importance of helping others and improving the quality of their work
  • We love and believe in what we do. We make the machines with the customers for the customers
  • Thanks to technology, we aim to reduce the human effort of the work more and more, always putting the quality and the final result of the foodstuffs first
  • We are continuously studying and training, so as to keep up with the times and be always prepared for the changes in the market.

Our Strengths


We have simplified the mechanism of the machine as much as possible so that we can work directly with the end customer who, for maintenance, can rely on any on-site bakery equipment technician or electrician.


Some models of our machines can be customised with colours chosen by the customer, so that they can be adapted to their own workshop.


We are able to supply our machines with all the voltages of the various countries of the world.


Unlike our competitors, we have focused our studies and research exclusively on machinery for cutting and rounding pasta, so that we can provide our customers with all the necessary know-how.


Thanks to our machines, the operator is able to avoid the tiring operations of manual rounding of the dough; thus preventing pain and muscle fatigue that would come with time.


Can be used by anyone, even a first-time operator.


Ballmatic is capable of rounding portions of dough weighing between 20 and 1000 grams without the need to change any tools.


Performs the work of man, but without altering the consistency or characteristics of the dough.


Conceived and designed by Fabio Caliari, 20 years of experience in the bakery industry, owner of 3 companies in the sector.

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