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Ballmatic 1000 Combi divider rounding machine

The Ballmatic 1000 combi portioning and rounding machine processes a 30-kg unleavened dough into single rounded balls weighing 20 to 900 grams. Hourly production is up to 2500 balls!


Additional info

Ballmatic 1000 combi portioning rounding machine model

With the new Ballmatic1000 combi machine, by inserting 30 kg of unleavened dough, it is possible to obtain already rounded dough balls with weights from 20 to 900 grams.

The ball weight setting depends on the diameter of the cone mounted on the machine and the distance between the dough outlet and the radius of the photocell.

Thanks to a spiral system with a vertical cylinder, it is possible to obtain perfectly rounded dough without the dough heating up or altering. Available with standard or teflon-coated spiral.

The balls will come out well pressed and free of air inside.

Hourly production is up to 2500 balls!

The machine is made in ITALY and complies with all EC regulations in force.

Additional information

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 49 × 110 × 148 cm
Standard Voltage

110V 60HZ single phase / 230V – 50Hz – single phase


370W - 0.49A (rounding machine) / 550W - 0.73A (portioning machine)

Obtainable weight

20-900 gr

Tank capacity

30 kg


Standard Spiral, Teflon non-sticky Spiral

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